Vileda Robust heavy-duty rubber gloves – for intense cleaning

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The Vileda Robust is our heavy-duty rubber glove for most kinds of work – indoor and outdoor. Our natural latex gloves provide you with the best resistance and protection while not affecting your grip and touch. The heavy-duty gloves are designed for intense household work and cleaning, as well as janitorial work.

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Product Highlights


Comfort plus lining with Climacells

Our special cell foam technology absorbs sweat and protects your hands from hot and cold water. This way, the gloves ensure a pleasant wearing comfort.

2. Latex layer and neoprene blending

The combination of latex and neoprene provides extra strength, protection and resistance for most kinds of heavy-duty work – indoor and outdoor.

3. Extra-long cuff

The red wave-cut wrist cuffs cover your arm and prevent liquids from getting in. Furthermore, they offer additional tear protection. It’s not just hand protection we care about. 

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Protector heavy-duty rubber gloves

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Protector heavy-duty rubber gloves

The Vileda Robust gloves satisfy our customers’ needs for a hands-on product. 

Roll up your sleeves, pull on your pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves and bring it on. Whether your heavy-duty task consists of household cleaning or janitorial works, gardening, or dishwashing, they are resistant to all kinds of diluted detergents or household cleaners, as well as dirt and hot or clold water. Our Robust gloves connect work and wear. 

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Thanks to special air cell foam, the inner lining is very soft, ensuring a comfortable wear. In addition they are easy to put on and off again.



These gloves are especially protective against prolonged contact to hot and cold water, deluted detergents / househodl cleaners, and dirt.



They are made from different materials like latex and neoprene, making them more resistant to cuts and tears.

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It depends on your daily or weekly usage and intensity. Thanks to their high quality they can be reused many times. A longevity of multiple weeks is realistic under correct usage and storage conditions.
The Robust heavy-duty rubber gloves are protective against damp hot or cold water, dirt, diluted detergents, but not against corrosive chemical supplies, acid or deep cuts. For these cases, please use personal protective equipment gloves (PPE) suitable for risk caterogy II or III.
Our gloves are flexible and you have a choice of three glove sizes.
The gloves may cause an allergic reaction and cannot be worn by latex allergy sufferers as they are made of natural latex. If you suffer from latex allergy, we suggest you to take a closer look at our latex free Dermo Plus gloves.
The Climacells provide natural air-conditioning in the Comfort Plus Lining and prevent letting in too much heat or cold inside your heavy-duty rubber gloves during indoor and outdoor work.


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